About FAM

At FAM Photography Studios, we know that stage setting and preparation of each individual can impose massive challenges to the dream of cohesive images that capture the group dynamic. We believe that these complexities are best met by preparation, organization, space, studio lighting and talented photographers. At FAM, we are proud to say that we offer all these things.  

Beyond this, we believe that the best photos are of happy people. This is why our creative space is focused on offering your group a fun environment- whatever the reason for the session! ​ We’ll provide a unique way to celebrate and capture the moment in time!

Group functions of all kinds including but not limited to:

  • Family Reunion

  • Class reunion

  • Bachelorette event

  • Baby shower

  • Holiday portraits

  • Birthday Celebration (for Kids & Adults)!

  • Sports team gathering

  • Group of pets gathering

  • Baby gender reveals party

  • Graduation celebration for a group of graduates or with families

  • Anniversary celebration

  • Corporate functions

  • Organizational promotions.

  • Holidays

  • Don’t forget your furry friends- we know they are FAM too!

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